Which brand of tennis ball machine is better ?

Which brand tennis machine is better ?

There are several brands for tennis ball training machine in Market, clients do not know which one is the suitable one to choose ,different brand has its own advantage and disadvantage , here show more about siboasi brand tennis serve machine S4015 model for ref. , hope could help clients to make decision. 

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Siboasi brand tennis machine S4015 model:

The top and hottest seller among siboasi tennis models all these years , selling out about 10000 units each year ,and this selling number is up and up each year;

Main advantage : See what the client say for it below

1. ” I tested the machine a few times. It’s been already about 6+ hs of use with the first battery charge, and still 40% left!. I’m very pleased with the operation and robustness of the machine. The fact that is has internal oscillation makes it very precise and it keeps the precision from the 1st till the last ball, which I know that other well known brands with external oscillation cannot. I’m using 80 standard pressurized balls for about 1 month already, and so far so good! Overall a great product, w/outstanding sales support.

2. “I am very impressed with the machine and the service . I received it in very short time and I am very satysfied because it was better than what I tought it was. I’ll completely recommend it!!! “

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More about for it :

1.Color : white ,red ,black for options ;

2.Ball capacity:  160 units;

3.Speed : 20-140 km/h;

4. Frequency : 1.8-6 S/ball;


6.With full function remote controal;

7.AC and DC both are available ; DC-battery : about 5-6 hours

8.Fuse in 30A;

9.Internal shooting system;

10.Top spin function and Back spin function;

11.Fixed point function and random  function;

12.Two line/Three line/6 cross line function;

13.Horizontal and vertical line function;

14.Deep-light ball function;

15.Angle of horizontal in 30 points and vertical adjusting in 60 points ;

16.Lob functions –highest ball in about 9 Meter;

17. 110-240V for differnt countries;

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Post time: Jun-05-2021
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