Comparision of Siboasi T1600 and Spinfire Pro2

Siboasi T1600 tennis ball training machine is the new top model launched in the year of 2020:

tennis training machine

From the photo above, you can see the Logo is different from Siboasi other models,The LOGO is in gold for this model , it make it looks more high-end one. It become the second top seller after it launched in our company (The first top seller is S4015 tennis machine).

The details of it for yout to check below :

1. Internal battery ,lasting about 5 hours per full charging ;

2.DC and AC power both are available ; Could use DC power(Battery) or only use AC power (Electric)

3.With full functions remote control (speed, frequency,angle,spin etc.)

4.Self-programming setting -could set different ball drop position ;

5.Two types cross-lines ball shooting training ;

6.Vertical and horizontal angles adjusting ;

7.Random ball shooting ,deep-light ball shooting,topspin and backspin ball shooting ;

8.It is suitable to use for tennis playing ,tennis training ,tennis competition etc. ;

9. Ball capacity is in about 150 balls;

10.With moving wheels, could move it anywhere you want;

11.The frequency is about 1.8-9 second/ball ;

buy s4015 tennis ball machine

Siboasi brand tennis ball training machine in the market for more than 15 years already, we have our own manufacturer,quality is guaranteed. We normally have 2 years warranty for all our ball machines, and we also have very professional after-sale department team to follow to solve the problems if any . With our such more years experience ,normally no big problem for our tennis ball machines. So clients do not need to worry about it .

Below is what our clients say about siboasi ball machine :

feedback of siboasi tennis ball machine


The comparison with Spinfire Pro 2:


Tennis ball machine comparision

Each brand has its own advantages, could choose what the one meet your needs.If choosing siboasi brand tennis machine , please do not hesitate to get back :


Post time: May-28-2021
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